The idea is to sell something.


“The idea is to sell something”

Those words have gotten Fosforus a lot of business over the years.

And… truth be told… they’ve probably kept some marketers from considering us at all.

If you are a “brand curator” with a focus on preservation rather than innovation… someone who views metrics and content marketing as topics for sweaty, lesser beings… you will not love us.

There are many advertising agencies that will be tickled senseless to cash your checks. Click here to contact a few of them. God speed. Send us postcards from your agency’s villa in Tuscany.

If, on the other hand, you are a marketer who puts a premium on common sense and who wants to work with a creative company that is imaginative, intelligent and not head over heels in love with itself, we are yours.

We’re not the least expensive. We’re not fancy.
We get things done. Things like this…

The Idea Is To Sell E-Sourcing  »

Because of our team’s prior high-profile work for i2 (including that supply chain management company’s first foray into national advertising), FreeMarkets called on us in early 2000.

They kept us around (working, as we do, on a project-by-project basis) for over 300 projects including their brand migration program when FreeMarkets merged with Ariba. That particular program, “Mastering The Elements,” was a 10-city tour targeting CXO-level executives.

One of our favorite quotes during the FreeMarkets/Ariba relationship came their Director of Marketing at the time, “Approximately 60% of our active sales pipeline is attributable to Fosforus’ work.”

The Idea Is To Sell Business Software  »

How do you summarize a relationship that spans over 330 projects and nearly 3 years?

Our FreeMarkets client moved over to SAP. (God’s handiwork, not ours.) When he called us, the conversation ended with these words, “I need you guys to shine… again.”

We did.

We began by successfully promoting the introduction of the SAP Business Forums to North America. Which led to projects for SAP for Insurance; SCM; CRM; the creation of SAP’s first-ever SMB online marketing service bureau; the promotion of SAP’s first “Services” forum; and the direct marketing launch of the tremendously successful SAP Safe Passage Program (designed to attract PeopleSoft and JDE customers away from Oracle.)

The Idea Is To Sell Technology  »

A former client called upon Fosforus to develop an ongoing, updateable flash timeline to underscore the goal of AMD's 50x15 initiative -- Internet connectivity and computing capabilities for 50 percent of the world's population by the year 2015.

In addition, Fosforus helped launch AMD's new spin-off brand Global Foundries, a leading-edge global semiconductor manufacturing company. Fosforus built visual communication and interactive support materials for the corporate launch event and new corporate website in 2009.

The Idea Is To Sell Security  »

Since beginning work with McAfee in Q1 2007, the Fosforus team has been called upon to tackle a variety of tasks: everything from e-mail list research and developing (from scratch) a content offer as part of a Symantec competitive displacement program to developing and implementing various versions of the “Red Bat” program and helping McAfee aggressively target Barracuda appliance users.

And it’s not just the big projects that get our attention: A recent (June 2009) Fosforus-crafted e-mail to 12,000 McAfee customers, garnered a 50% higher open rate and 50% higher clickthrough rate than two prior messages.

The Idea Is To Sell Strategic Meetings Management  »

Over 400 world-class companies rely upon StarCite to help them balance their strategic requirement for meetings and events… with their compelling interest in reducing operational costs. Using StarCite’s proprietary online marketplace, meeting buyers can connect and conduct business with over 93,000 hotels, venues, destinations and suppliers globally.

Using Fosforus, StarCite is able to more effectively communicate with CFOs and purchasing directors via web seminars and targeted executive mailing programs.

The Idea Is To Sell Business Events  »

At the end of the day, all that matters (or should matter)
is whether or not a marketing partner can deliver on its promises. When it comes to event marketing, it all comes down to DOING the work.

In conjunction with various event management partners including Firesky Events Group, Fosforus has deep experience in developing a wide range of event materials for some of the world’s premier business events including SAP Business Forums, McAfee Focus, Verizon Developer Community and Verio Partner Summit.

The Idea Is To Sell “Priceless”  »

When MasterCard was ready to introduce game-changing technology in credit cards, it called on Fosforus for marketing campaign development, card design and the PayPass product launch Web site.

Fosforus helped launch the initial “Tap & Go” promotions and designed various MasterCard partner sites, such as the Householdbank.com site (in English and Spanish) and the PGA Tour, National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball partner sites.

The Idea Is To Sell Lotz Better Sandwiches  »

After FOCUS Brands took the helm at Schlotzsky’s, Fosforus was given the… uhh… tasty opportunity to completely redesign its customer-facing Web site.

Revising the menu and adding detailed nutritional information were mere appetizers. We also made the site far simpler for Scholtzsky’s to maintain via a sophisticated content management system.

The main course was delivering a comprehensive Web site program that allowed franchisees to control their own content while adhering to corporate brand guidelines.

What’s next on the menu? How about a “lotz better” Web site refresh with a side of iPhone pagelet technology?

The Idea Is To Sell All-Natural Iced Teas  »

Founded 10 years ago, Sweet Leaf Tea has nearly doubled its sales every year for the past five years.

Fosforus continues to keep Sweet Leaf Tea smart and ahead of the game just like its loyal customers.

Sweet Leaf Tea’s interactive presence includes a fan club, an Ask Granny section, a retail locator, and fully developed store with content administration functionality.

Additionally Fosforus helps Sweet Leaf Tea with its mobile initiative, developing iPhone apps and other services like "Sweet Leaf Tea Live" that help the brand stay tapped into the music scene.

The Idea Is To Sell Tex-Mex  »

“When you’ve seen one Chuy’s, you’ve seen one Chuy’s.”

That Fosforus-created credo is what Chuy’s, an Austin institution that’s destined to become a regional Tex-Mex shrine, lives by.

We redesigned the Chuy’s drink menu with specific content for each location and created promotional concepts for each “store” to run with.

Fosforus has been responsible for updating the Chuy’s online presence. And we’re now in the middle of a complete Web site redesign.

When all that other stuff doesn’t keep us busy, we provide them with a never-ending supply of novelty shirts.

The Idea Is To Sell The World’s Greatest Burger  »

Operating over 200 locations in over 35 states while successfully delivering a signature-focused style would be a daunting task for nearly any restaurant chain. Fuddruckers makes it look easy.

Fosforus redeveloped, from scratch, their public Web site; created back-office tools such as a robust extranet for franchisees; designed popular gift card promotions; and promoted Fudds Club, an online email club that gained 30,000 members in its first month of operation.

We’re not responsible for Fuddruckers’ legendary status. We did, though, without question, move their brand forward through exploring new media and a viral video about a beef patch formulated to lessen your burger cravings.

The Idea Is To Sell Real-Estate  »

Our real-estate experience is deep-- Fosforus has created integrated (online and offline) brand development, marketing campaigns and applications for various real estate clients.

We continue to build programs for community developers, national home builders and regional players in the construction business. Additionally Realm Business Solutions, brought us in to create and design the “thought leadership” publication “Streamlines: The Realm Report on Real Estate Operations.” Realm customer CB Richard Ellis — one of the nation’s top three asset managers — has secured permission to distribute “Streamlines” to its large client base.


One of our repeat clients—and the fact that we have clients who have built their careers in part by hiring us again and again is something we are proud of—has his own tagline, “Done Is Good.” So in honor of his pragmatic approach, our methodology is called D.I.G.

You want a fierce champion who digs what you and your organization are trying to do; who will dig up interesting research and opportunities; and who keeps on digging until the task is done. And done right.


  • Integrated Campaign Planning
  • Company and Product Naming
  • Event Marketing
  • Interactive Marketing Strategy
  • Strategic Messaging
  • Lead Generation Strategy


  • Website Design and Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Information Flow Assessment
  • Web / Phone App development
  • Interactive Business Tools
  • Custom Content Admin Systems
  • Multiple Platform Execution
  • Mobile Web Integration
  • Multimedia / Interviews / Flash demos
  • Search Awareness and Analytics
  • Site Visibility (packages)
  • Rich-Media Advertising
  • Web Security Assessment
  • Database Design and Administration
  • Software and Web Application Training


  • Full-Service Media Planning
  • Media Buying and Metrics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Targeted Email Marketing
  • List Rental
  • Mobile Marketing Programs
  • Keyword Search Marketing
  • Custom Webinars & Event Marketing
  • Lead Generation Programs
  • Database Development


  • Executive Direct Programs
  • Sales Support Playbooks
  • Promotional Sales Materials
  • Corporate Identity System
  • Design and Packaging
  • Corporate Event Materials
  • Advertising Campaign Development
  • Print, Radio, TV and Web Integration
  • Corporate Video/Photography Services
  • Sales and Promotional materials


Our core team consists of creative, account service, technology/database, and media professionals. There is no marketing assignment that our team cannot bring strategic value to. Each and every choice we make is premised on a single thought: “The idea is to sell something.”


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Eric W. Sutherland, Creative Director


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David McKnight, Director of Interactive Arts


Carlton Wade, Production Director


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